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Giti Present is a digital asset knowledge based system developed by the Advertising and Promotion Team under Giti Tire China Marketing Department since 2008 to easily share information with Giti Tire's internal people.

Foeryanto Jawoto . Assistant General Manager

Project Manager
Zou Hai . Senior Manager e-Business

Jiang Haiqiu. Senior Programmer

Content Development
Zhang Siling . Manager of PR
Li Yeye . Manager of Events and brand activation
John Jiao. Manager of creative China Market
Willie Wong . Manager of creative International Market

Foeryanto Jawoto . Assistant General Manager

Chen Kaifeng . Senior designer
Li Miao . Senior designer
Luo Qiong . Designer

Content Maintenance
John Jiao, Chen Kaifeng, Li Miao, Tao Wenjun, Wang Jie, He Miao, Zhang Siling, Luo Yun, Guo Yuxiao, Li Yeye, Chen Xiameng, Donna Shiu, Willie Wong, Luo Qiong, and Cao Bo.